Agreed top priority - Collation and publication of existing and planned frameworks and other collaborative purchasing outcome.


* also sit on the Board

Representation Sub-committee members
Member Representatives (3 seats)

Glyn Jenkins- UNISON

Phil McEvoy- GMB

Steve Paines- Unite

(substitute: Brian Strutton (GMB))

Employer Representatives (2 seats)

Cllr Tony Deane- LGA

Education tbc

(substitute: Raymond Theodolou (LGA))

Local Authority Treasurers (2 seats) Names to be confirmed
LGPS Fund Practitioners (3 seats)

Robert Claxton

Tim O'Connor

Mark Wynn

(substitute: Nadine Perrins)

CIPFA (2 seats)

Nicola Mark*

Paul Dale

(substitute: Nigel Keogh)


Collaborations in the LGPS

Following a collaborations survey undertaken of LGPS funds in Autumn 2013, the sub-committee has collated a list of the collaborations which are ongoing in the LGPS, the activity undertaken within each collaboration and the service provider(s) in each case.

In addition, the document details sets out the eligible participants for each collaboration and provides relevant contact details. The document can be found here:

Active LGPS collaborations

If you would like a collaboration to be added to the list or wish to request an update to any of the details contained within, please contact the Board secretariat.


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