Agreed top priority - Support and assistance of tPR in determining and developing the codes of practice required by the PSP Act 2013. tPR issuing informal codes for consultation due out November 2013.
Agreed next priority - Collation and publication of all current regulations, codes, guidance and guides necessary.


* also Board members

Representation Sub-committee members
Member Representatives (3 seats)

Colin Meech - UNISON

Phil McEvoy - GMB

Robert Lynch - Unite

Employer Representatives (2 seats)

Cllr Doug McMurdo - LGA

Education tbc

Local Authority Treasurers (3 seats) Paul Finbow
LGPS Fund Practitioners (2 seats)

David Anthony

Geoff Reader

(substitutes: Paul Tysoe and Susan Martin)

CIPFA (2 seats)

Bob Summers*

Geoff Dobson

(substitute: Nigel Keogh)

TPR (1 seat) Bob Scruton*

(substitute: Helen Gibson)


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