Status of Board Guidance

The Board may from time to time issue non-statutory guidance in accordance with its functions under regulation 110 of the Local Government Pension Scheme Regulations 2013 (as amended)

(3) The Local Government Pension Scheme Advisory Board also has the function of providing advice to administering authorities and local pension boards in relation to the effective and efficient administration and management of the Scheme and any connected scheme and their pension funds.

Board Guides and Guidance

Guides and guidance issued by the Board are listed in date order below and can also be accessed using the Board Guidance menu to the right of this page.

19 October 2023 - SAB Guidance on Academy Conversions

2 March 2021 - Guide to Employer flexibilities

10 Feb 2017 - Guide to Annual Benefit Statements

4 Feb 2015 - Governance Guidance - Local Pension Boards

Consultations in respect of guides and guidance can be found on the Board Consultations page of this site.