List of LGPS pension fund clients for investment manager Code signatories

When investment managers signed up to the Code, they agreed to supply LGPS pension funds with complete cost data in a standard template format. To date, the expectation has been that this has predominantly been through excel documents emailed to LGPS pension funds. However, there has been no ability for the Scheme Advisory Board (SAB) to assist LGPS pension funds in this process and monitor late (or non) provision of the information.

In signing up to the Code, investment managers also agreed to provide templates to a third party nominated by the SAB for the purpose of ensuring compliance – this is the system now being put in place by Byhiras (the system builder). The system will track when templates are due and inform the SAB if they are missing or late.

In order for the SAB to assure investment managers that their LGPS pension fund clients are content for them to comply with this part of the Code, LGPS pension funds were emailed on 17 February 2020 asking for confirmation that this was the case. The list of LGPS pension funds and date of responses to this email, giving positive affirmation, is shown below:

System shortname

Pension Fund

Administering authority

Confirm' received

Avon Avon Pension Fund Bath & North East Somerset Council yes
Barking & Dag. Barking and Dagenham Pension Fund London Borough of Barking and Dagenham yes
Barnet Barnet Pension Fund London Borough of Barnet yes
Bedfordshire Bedfordshire Pension Fund Bedford Borough Council yes
Berkshire Berkshire Pension Fund Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead yes
Bexley Bexley Pension Fund London Borough of Bexley yes
Brent Brent Pension Fund London Borough of Brent yes
Bromley Bromley Pension Fund London Borough of Bromley yes
Buckinghamshire Buckinghamshire Pension Fund Buckinghamshire County Council yes
Cambridgeshire Cambridgeshire Pension Fund Cambridgeshire County Council yes
Camden Camden Pension Fund London Borough of Camden yes
Cardiff Cardiff Pension Fund City of Cardiff Council yes
Cheshire Cheshire Pension Fund Cheshire West and Chester Council yes
City of London City of London Corporation Pension Fund City of London Corporation yes
Westminster City of Westminster Pension Fund Westminster City Council yes
Clywd Clwyd Pension Fund Flintshire County Council yes
Cornwall Cornwall Pension Fund Cornwall Council yes
Croydon Croydon Pension Fund London Borough of Croydon yes
Cumbria Cumbria Pension Fund Cumbria County Council yes
Derbyshire Derbyshire Pension Fund Derbyshire County Council yes
Devon Devon Pension Fund Devon County Council yes
Dorset Dorset Pension Fund Dorset County Council yes
Dumfries Dumfries and Galloway Council Pension Fund Dumfries and Galloway Council yes
Durham Durham Pension Fund Durham County Council yes
Dyfed Dyfed Pension Fund Carmarthenshire County Council yes
Ealing Ealing Pension Fund London Borough of Ealing yes
East Riding East Riding Pension Fund East Riding of Yorkshire Council yes
East Sussex East Sussex Pension Fund East Sussex County Council yes
Enfield Enfield Pension Fund London Borough of Enfield yes
Environment Ag. Environment Agency Pension Fund The Environment Agency yes
Essex Essex Pension Fund Essex County Council yes
Falkirk Council Falkirk Council Pension Fund Falkirk Council yes
Fife Fife Pension Fund Fife Council yes
Gloucestershire Gloucestershire Pension Fund Gloucestershire County Council yes
Torfaen Greater Gwent (Torfaen) Pension Fund Torfaen County Borough Council yes
GMPF Greater Manchester Pension Fund Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council yes
Greenwich Greenwich Pension Fund Royal Borough of Greenwich yes
Gwynedd Gwynedd Pension Fund Gwynedd Council yes
Hackney Hackney Pension Fund London Borough of Hackney yes
H'smith & Fulham Hammersmith and Fulham Pension Fund London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham yes
Hampshire Hampshire Pension Fund Hampshire County Council yes
Haringey Haringey Pension Fund London Borough of Haringey yes
Harrow Harrow Pension Fund London Borough of Harrow yes
Havering Havering Pension Fund London Borough of Havering yes
Hertfordshire Hertfordshire Pension Fund Hertfordshire County Council yes
Hillingdon Hillingdon Pension Fund London Borough of Hillingdon yes
Hounslow Hounslow Pension Fund London Borough of Hounslow yes
Isle of Wight Isle of Wight Pension Fund Isle of Wight Council yes
Islington Islington Pension Fund London Borough of Islington yes
Ken. & Chelsea Kensington and Chelsea Pension Fund Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea yes
Kent Kent Pension Fund Kent County Council yes
Kings Up. Thames Kingston upon Thames Pension Fund Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames yes
Lambeth Lambeth Pension Fund London Borough of Lambeth yes
Lancashire Lancashire Pension Fund Lancashire County Council yes
Leicestershire Leicestershire Pension Fund Leicestershire County Council yes
Lewisham Lewisham Pension Fund London Borough of Lewisham yes
Lincolnshire Lincolnshire Pension Fund Lincolnshire County Council yes
NILGOSC Local Government Pension Scheme (Northern Ireland) Northern Ireland Local Government Officers' Superannuation Committee yes
London Pens. FA London Pensions Fund Authority Pension Fund London Pensions Fund Authority yes
Lothian Lothian Pension Fund City of Edinburgh Council yes
Merseyside Merseyside Pension Fund Wirral Council yes
Merton Merton Pension Fund London Borough of Merton yes
Newham Newham Pension Fund London Borough of Newham yes
Norfolk Norfolk Pension Fund Norfolk County Council yes
NE Scotland North East Scotland Pension Fund Aberdeen City Council yes
North Yorkshire North Yorkshire Pension Fund North Yorkshire County Council yes
N'hamptonshire Northamptonshire Pension Fund Northamptonshire County Council yes
Northumberland Northumberland Pension Fund Northumberland County Council yes
Nottinghamshire Nottinghamshire Pension Fund Nottinghamshire County Council yes
Orkney Islands Orkney Islands Council Pension Fund Orkney Islands Council yes
Oxfordshire Oxfordshire Pension Fund Oxfordshire County Council yes
Powys Powys Pension Fund Powys County Council yes
Redbridge Redbridge Pension Fund London Borough of Redbridge yes
Rhondda Cynon T. Rhondda Cynon Taf Pension Fund Rhondda Cynon Taf County Borough Council yes
Scottish Borders Scottish Borders Council Pension Fund Scottish Borders Council yes
Shetland Islands Shetland Islands Council Pension Fund Shetland Islands Council yes
Shropshire Shropshire Pension Fund Shropshire Council yes
Somerset Somerset Pension Fund Somerset County Council yes
South Yorkshire South Yorkshire Pension Fund South Yorkshire Pensions Authority yes
Southwark Southwark Pension Fund London Borough of Southwark yes
Staffordshire Staffordshire Pension Fund Staffordshire County Council yes
Strathclyde Strathclyde Pension Fund Glasgow City Council yes
Suffolk Suffolk Pension Fund Suffolk County Council yes
Surrey Surrey Pension Fund Surrey County Council yes
Sutton Sutton Pension Fund London Borough of Sutton yes
Swansea Swansea Pension Fund City & County of Swansea yes
Tayside Tayside Pension Fund Dundee City Council yes
Teesside Teesside Pension Fund Middlesbrough Council yes
Highland Council The Highland Council Pension Fund Highland Council yes
Tower Hamlets Tower Hamlets Pension Fund London Borough of Tower Hamlets yes
Tyne and Wear Tyne and Wear Pension Fund South Tyneside Council yes
Waltham Forest Waltham Forest Pension Fund London Borough of Waltham Forest  
Wandsworth Wandsworth Pension Fund London Borough of Wandsworth yes
Warwickshire Warwickshire Pension Fund Warwickshire County Council yes
West Midlands PT West Midlands Passenger Transport Pension Fund West Midlands Integrated Transport Authority yes
West Midlands West Midlands Pension Fund Wolverhampton City Council yes
West Sussex West Sussex Pension Fund West Sussex County Council yes
West Yorkshire West Yorkshire Pension Fund City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council yes
Wiltshire Wiltshire Pension Fund Wiltshire Council yes
Worcestershire Worcestershire Pension Fund Worcestershire County Council yes

LGPS Investment Pools

In the 2015 Summer Budget it was announced that the UK government would work with Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) administering authorities to reform how LGPS investments are managed.  Eight pools were formed and governance structures put into place. The relevant legal entity shortnames on the system are shown in the summary table below. For more information on the LGPS pools, please visit the websites.

System shortname

LGPS Pool / underlying client(s)

Legal entity name


Border to Coast Border to Coast Border to Coast
Brunel PPL Brunel PPL Brunel PPL
LGPS Central LGPS Central LGPS Central
Link Fund  ACCESS Link Fund Solutions Ltd
Wales Pension Partnership
Local PP Inv. Local Pensions Partnership Investments Ltd Local Pensions Partnership Investments Ltd
London CIV London CIV London CIV
n/a Northern LGPS (investments held directly by Greater Manchester, Merseyside and West Yorkshire Pension Funds) n/a (governed by oversight board)


NB Template data is only viewable by LGPS pension funds and their investment managers unless both parties provide explicit permission for a third party. The SAB is prevented from accessing template level data by the system design and the user permission framework. It can only use the system for compliance reporting as well as the viewing of average and total cost data for the scheme annual report on a combined national LGPS level. Byhiras is contractually prohibited from using, transferring or sharing in any way the physically separate LGPS data.