The move toward investment fee transparency and consistency is seen by the Board as an important factor in the LGPS being perceived as a value led and innovative scheme. Transparency is also a target for the revised CIPFA accounting standard issued for inclusion in the statutory annual report and accounts and included in the government’s criteria for pooling investments.

To assist LGPS funds in obtaining the data they require in order to report costs on a transparent basis the Board has developed a voluntary Code of Transparency for LGPS asset managers.

The Code

The detail of the Code can be read here and investment managers who wish to sign up to the Code should download and return the letter found on the Code page.

The Template

Compliance with the Code will require managers to complete and submit the Template without request to their LGPS clients whether that be individual funds or pooled entities. The listed asset template will evolve in line with that used by the Investment Association for their Disclosure Code.

The FCA Market Study report of June 2017 Chapter 13 welcomed the use of the LGPS template and IA templates and proposed that “both industry and investor representatives agree a standardised template of costs and charge” and to “ask an independent person to convene a group of relevant stakeholders to develop this further, for both mainstream and alternative assets classes”. The LGPS Code template will develop in line with that process.

The LGPS Advisory Board Code of Transparency Logo

Signatories to the Code may use the Transparency "tick" logo on promotional material subject to the Code and Code Logo Use and Guidance.

LGPS Advisory Board Logo Use and Guidlines pdf 462kb

For copies of image files, including printable file formats and further information on the Logo's use and guidance, please contact us