The LGPS Scheme Advisory Board (SAB), established under the Public Service Pensions Act 2013, advises the Secretary of State for the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government on the development of the Local Government Pension Scheme.

In support of this work, it will, from time to time, invite bids from interested parties to undertake commissions.

Responsible Investment database


As stage 2 of the Scheme Advisory Board’s (SAB) Responsible Investment guidance project and in direct response to requests from elected members and other LGPS stakeholders, the Board will create an online A-Z guide to Responsible Investment. The guide will provide a glossary of RI terms, organisations, standards and legislation indexed by its classification (what it is), category (where it fits in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)) and status (in the context of the LGPS legislative framework) all linked to LGPS specific case studies. The guide will be owned and maintained by the SAB which will be responsible for the content contained within it. The content of resource would be overseen by a Board RI Advisory Group (RIAG) on behalf of the SAB and reporting to the Investment, Governance and Engagement Committee (IEGC) of the SAB. The RIAG will assist the SAB in creating new entries within the guide, ensuring existing entries remain relevant and up to date and encouraging LGPS funds and Pools to upload relevant case studies.

The guide will be hosted on an existing SAB SQL webserver ( but will be accessed via a dedicated page within Pages will be written in PHP which together with the SQL back end will enable cross index filtering and ordering of search queries and multiple relationships between the elements of the guide. Proposals should include the structure of the SQL database which the provider considers best meets the requirements for functionality as set out in the specification tender document.

Proposal for assistance

Organisations interested in bidding for this should download the tender documents below:

SAB RI database procurement RFQ pdf 5 pages 177kb

Contract Services Agreement pdf 39 pages 387kb

Appendix 1 important notices pdf 4 pages 109kb

Appendix 2 RI A-Z Specification pdf 7 pages 135kb

Appendix 3 pricing document pdf 1 page 74kb

Proposals from interested parties should consist of the elements described in the above documentation. Proposals should be returned no later than 17.00 on Friday 27th November 2020 to [email protected] copied to [email protected]

Board secretariat 26 October 2020

Clarification questions

28 October 2020

Q. The specification refers to the database being SQL. What SQL system is it specifically?

A. The database is MySQL open source

5 November 2020

Q. We understand that the code needs to be implemented in .php. We want to know if any php frameworks or content management systems such as Drupal ( which are written in php are allowed?

A. The current website uses Joomla.

Q. We would like to understand if there is any preference of a given design or theme? For example, shall we follow any of the '' or '' design and layout?

A. Yes the design must be in line with the current board website.

Q. Would we be able to access the '' Web and SQL servers remotely for development and tests activities?

A. Yes, these are cloud servers so access can be given remotely.

9 November 2020

Q. Point 23 (i) on the specification is: "LGPS case studies list: One or more available and related LGPS case studies listed by LGPS Fund/Pool name F– clicking on one takes the user to the case study page" - On the item detail page we also show a list of "LGPS case studies list:". How does the program identify which item is related to a case study to show relevant case studies on the item page? Do we need a link relevant items section when adding or editing a case study?

A. The system will need a one to many relationship for case studies and items. A case study should be able to be relevant to more than one item.

Q. Roughly, how many items and case studies are likely to be listed?

A. The items and cases studies will start off in the 10’s and may climb to the hundreds

Q. It is assumed the RI database can be hosted on a new subdomain like A subdomain is recommended as it does not affect the existing site or the existing Joomla system.

A. Yes

17 November 2020

Q. Is it a particular section of the submission where you expect the candidates to include the details about how they will design/develop the database etc?

A. In answering “1. A clear, concise and unambiguous statement setting out how you propose to deliver the project (i.e. the delivery model)”, please include how you will deliver the project including how you will fully address the requirements. By concise, we mean clear and relevant point by point rather than concise overall.

Q. As at point 2 and in the scoring criteria table you indicate “experience” and “examples”, could we use screenshots, charts, links to our websites to present examples and past experience?

A. Yes, please include examples where you think relevant. The request that pre-existing material is not submitted is meant to avoid receipt of large volumes of irrelevant information.