Triennial valuations in the LGPS (England & Wales) - A Summary

This is the short version of the shadow Scheme Advisory Board's report on the 2013 LGPS fund valuations in England and Wales. This report is also available in PDF format here and a more detailed version of this report can be found as a PDF document here and as a formatted webpage here.

  1. Asset performance (the performance of fund assets in investment markets)

  2. New scheme (for some)

  3. Pay restrictions

  4. Actual contributions paid

  1. Increases in longevity

  2. Decreases in index linked gilt yields

  3. Lower expected future investment returns

  1. Different membership profile (e.g. older than average workforce)

  2. Different membership experience than for the fund (e.g. fewer leavers, more deaths, etc)

  1. those that relate to the past (the past service cost), and

  2. those that relate to the future (the future service cost)

The 2010 and 2013 valuation reports of individual LGPS funds in England & Wales have now been published on this website by the shadow Scheme Advisory Board. This is the first time individual fund reports have been made available via a publicly accessible central resource. The 2010 and 2013 reports for the majority of funds are available via the following links:

2010 fund valuation reports

2013 fund valuation reports