15th November 2019 - good Governance Report Phase II

When it met on the 6th November the Board agreed that the Good Governance – Phase II Report (PDF 16 pages 4.33MB) should be published and that the Secretariat, in conjunction with the project team at Hymans Robertson and scheme stakeholders, should proceed to develop Phase III of the project including draft statutory guidance on governance compliance statements and establishing a set of key performance indicators.

Any comments on the Phase II report and its recommendations should be sent to [email protected]. Final proposals for Phase III of the project will be considered by the Board when it next meets on the 3rd February 2020.Commenting on the report, Councillor Roger Phillips, Chair, said “We have reached another critical stage in this key area of work to improve the governance and administration of the scheme on a consistent and measured basis that will match the standards expected by the Pensions Regulator. We now look forward to the next stage in the project and implementing the recommendations approved by the Board.”

14th November - Board meeting summary 6th November 2019

The Board has published a summary of the 6th November meeting, please see the Board updates page

5th November 2019Response to NHS consultation

(NHS).An informal response from the Boards secretariat to the consultation on pension flexibility within the NHS pension scheme was submitted on the 1st November 2019.

16th October 2019 - MHCLG SF3

Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government publishes Statistics on the local government pension scheme in England and Wales 2018 2019. and Local government pension scheme funds for England and Wales: 2018 to 2019 PDF, 582KB, 17 pages

15th October 2019 - Update on CMA Order

Following further clarification from DWP and MHCLG it is now our understanding that Remedy 1 (obligation to tender Fiduciary Management service) will NOT apply to the LGPS but that amendments to MHCLG's ISS statutory guidance will implement remedy 7 (obligation to set strategic objectives for Investment Consultants). We still await clarification on the possible extension of FCA's regulatory perimeter to include advice on strategic asset allocation.Although amendments to the ISS guidance are not expected this year the Order will apply remedy 7 from 10th December 2019 and therefore LGPS authorities should review their arrangements accordinglyThe Board briefing note (PDF 5 pages 449kb) on the CMA Order and its impact on the LGPS has been further revised to take into account the understood position that Remedy 7 will apply to the LGPS.

19th September 2019 - The Pensions Regulator publishes its report on governance and administration risks in public service pension schemes

The Pensions Regulator has today published its report into the governance and administration risks in public service pension schemes including the 10 UK local government funds who were engaged with between October 2018 and July 2019. The report summarises the key findings against the Regulator’s Code of Practice 14 both in terms of exceeding and falling short of required standards and will be discussed in detail when SAB next meets on the 6th November 2019. In commenting on the report, Chair of the Board, Councillor Roger Phillips said “This key area of work ties in closely in with the Board’s own Good Governance project. In identifying examples of best practice as well as areas for further improvement the report will undoubtedly be of great assistance to LGPS funds in seeking to enhance their own governance and administration arrangements."

1st September 2019 - Board announces Byhiras as provider of Compliance and Reporting system

The Board has appointed Byhiras to develop and host a system designed to enable managers to evidence compliance with its Code of Transparency and provide a range of reporting and comparison tools for LGPS funds and pool companies, for more information go to the Code of Transparency page.

8th August 2019 - Good Governance Working Groups

The Scheme Advisory Board has invited the Hymans Robertson project team to assist the Secretariat in taking forward the next stage of the good governance project. Two working groups will be established, one to focus on defining good governance outcomes and the guidance needed to clearly set them out and the other to focus on options for the independent assessment of outcomes and mechanisms to improve the delivery of those outcomes. Both groups will comprise a wide range of scheme stakeholders to ensure a full range of views and options are considered. The aim is for an options report to be ready for the Board's consideration when it meets in November. Any proposals agreed by the Board would be subject to a full stakeholder consultation before being put to MHCLG. Details of both working groups will be published here shortly.

7th August 2019 - LGPS EW mortality data: approach from CMI

GAD have been approached by the actuarial profession’s Continuous Mortality Investigation (CMI) to request LGPS (E&W) mortality data. Below is a letter from CMI to GAD setting out their proposal (and information for pension schemes). GAD, MHCLG and the SAB Secretariat are supportive of this proposal in principle, but would welcome the views of stakeholders. Also below is a letter setting out a summary of the CMI proposal, and the questions on which GAD are seeking views to be considered by the Cost Management, Benefit Design and Administration Committee.

LGPS mortality data CMI 7 Aug 2019 (PDF 2 pages 626kb)

Letter CMI to GAD 23 July 2019 (PDF 3 pages 316kb)

CMI SAPS data information for pension schemes July 2019 (PDF 3 pages 242kb)

31st July 2109 - TPR publishes consultation on guidance to implement CMA Order

The Pensions Regulator has published a consultation on new guidance to support tougher rules on investment governance. This consultation along with that issued by the DWP on the 29th of this month appears to reflect a position of the LGPS only being in scope for CMA remedy 7 - the obligation to set strategic objectives for investment consultants.Authorities should therefore take note of and consider responding to the consultation in particular the draft guide Setting objectives for providers of investment consultancy services

The Board briefing note (PDF 5 pages 449kb) on the CMA Order and its impact on the LGPS has been further revised to take into account the currently understood position that only remedy 7 will apply to the LGPS.

31st July 2019 - Luke Hall MP appointed as Local Government Minister

On 31st July it was announced that Luke Hall MP had been appointed Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, Minister for Local Government and Homelessness.Luke Hall MP was born and grew up in South Gloucestershire and worked in retail from the age of 16 prior to being elected as the Member of Parliament for Thornbury & Yate in May 2015. He has been an active member of the local Conservative Party since 2009, was Constituency Chairman in South Gloucestershire and has served as the Deputy Chairman of the Bristol and South Gloucestershire Conservatives.Luke Hall MP is the 6th holder of the post since 2010 following in the footsteps of Bob Neil MP: May 2010 to September 2012, Brandon Lewis MP: Sept 2012 to July 2014, Kris Hopkins MP: July 2014 to May 2015, Marcus Jones MP: May 2015 to January 2018 and Rishi Sunak MP who served from January 2018 until his move to become Chief Secretary to the Treasury in July 2019.The Chair of the Board has written to wish the previous minister well in his new post and will shortly be writing to the new minister to introduce the Board and its role within the LGPS.

31st July 2019 - Board publishes Good Governance Report

When it met on the 8th July, the Board agreed that the Good Governance Report (PDF 34 pages 848kb) should be published before the end of July and that the Secretariat should, in conjunction with the project team and scheme stakeholders, work to develop a detailed plan to present to the Board in November to implement the report's findings and conclusions. This will ensure continued progress in this important area of the workplan. Scheme stakeholders will be given the opportunity to comment on the Board's recommended implementation plan before any formal approach is made to MHCLG Ministers for changes to the scheme's regulations or guidance

29th July 2019 - DWP publishes consultation on Fiduciary Management and Investment Consultants

The DWP has published a consultation on regulations to enact the provisions of the June CMA Order on the obligations of Schemes with regard to FM and IC services.LGPS authorities should note that Chapter 2 of the consultation documents itself covers scope and explicitly rules out coverage of the LGPSA revised briefing note can be viewed here (PDF 8 pages 495kb)

24th July 2019 - The Pensions Regulator publishes report on Public Service Pension Schemes

The Pensions Regulator has published a full research report which details all the 2018 survey results, together with commentary intended to draw out the key points and areas of concern identified.

17th July 2019 - Board meeting summary 8th July 2019

The Board has published a summary of the 8th July meeting, please see the Board updates page

15th July 2019 - Government announces that McCloud case will affect all public service pension schemes

The Chief Secretary to Treasury confirmed that remedies relating to the McCloud judgement will need to be made in relation to all public service pension schemes. The statement and an updated McCloud Q&A can be found on the cost management page of this site

12th July  2019 - Board briefing on CMA Order.

On 10th June the CMA published an Order covering Fiduciary Management and Investment Consultants which has implications for LGPS funds and pool companies. A briefing note can be viewed here (PDF 8 pages 495kb)

27th June 2019 - McCloud Case Government denied leave to appeal

The Supreme Court today (27th June) denied the Government’s request for an appeal in the McCloud and Sargeant case in respect of age discrimination and pension protection. Further news will follow once we can confirm the next steps in the process. The McCloud Q&A page has been updated accordingly

21st May 2019 Code of Transparency - CTI releases templates and guidance

The Board welcomes the release today of a framework of templates and guidance by the Cost Transparency Initiative (CTI) as an important step in achieving clarity in cost and value for asset owners and pension scheme members.These templates will from today be adopted as an integral part of the Board’s Code of Transparency. Existing Code signatories which number in excess of 110 will be encouraged to make use of the new templates as soon as possible but will have a transition period of up to 12 months to ensure they can adapt systems without interrupting the current flows of data. New signatories, including those property and private markets managers who can take advantage of the new templates will be expected to use them immediately.We are eager to work with existing and new signatories in ensuring the new framework is a success and will welcome feedback from managers as they implement or transition to the new templates.The Board recognises the importance of the timely and accurate receipt of cost data but also that effective analysis and ‘decision maker’ education is equally vital in the delivery of investment value. Template data can and will lead to better management of cost but it is only one element alongside risk and performance contributing to the returns necessary to secure the pensions of our scheme members for the future.Today’s announcement by the CTI will ensure providers benefit from a standard reporting framework and their customers from regular and comprehensive cost data. The adoption of the framework by the Board will see it implemented across £275bn of assets to the benefit of over 6m LGPS scheme members.

Cllr Roger Phillips the Chair of the Board said: "“I wholeheartedly welcome the launch of the CTI templates and guidance and would encourage those managers not yet signed up to the LGPS Code of Transparency to now take the opportunity to do so.My thanks go to Mel Duffield, the CTI Board and its working groups in getting us to this important point on the journey. There is still work to be done, especially with regard to the effective use of this data, but for now this fine example of the industry working together deserves to be celebrated”

14th May 2019 - McCloud and valuations

SAB publishes advice on McCloud and valuations Cost Management page, advice on McCloud and valuations2

9th April 2019 - Public sector exit payments

HM Treasury launches consultation on public sector exit payments: New item added to Scheme Developments menu - will be updated as more information us received

26th April 2019 - Cot System tender

Scheme Advisory Board launches "Code of Transparency compliance system" tender exercise. The tender is to design, build, host and support a system to validate / check for completion the templates received from the relevant fund managers for each of the relevant LGPS funds and or Pools. Delta eSourcing is being used to run this exercise, please visit,-software-development,-Internet-and-support./B4J5E4G5GZ or the cost transparency page for more details.

20th February 2019 - Letter from minister on cost management

Minister response letter regarding the pause of the SAB cost management process: Letter from Minister regarding pause of SAB cost management process (pdf 42kb)

14th February 2019 - McCloud Q&A

McCloud case/Cost cap Q&A published. Please go to the Cost Management page to link to the Q&A and consider the question of how best to approach the 2019 valuation in light of the case and the pause of cost cap.

8th February 2019 - Cost management paused

SAB pauses cost management process following last week’s WMS pausing cost cap as a result of McCloud. Please go to the Cost Management page for more information for more information.

8th February 2019- Hymans appointed for governance survey

Hymans Robertson has been appointed by the Scheme Advisory Board to conduct a survey on governance of the LGPS and potential conflicts of interest between the pensions function of administering authorities and their host local authority. A statement setting out details of how the survey will be conducted can be found here.30th January 2019Government announces a pause in the cost cap process for all public service pension schemes due to the uncertainty caused by the ruling of the Court of Appeal in the McCloud case. Please go to the Cost Management page for more information.News Archive

19th December 2018

Lesley Titcomb, Chief Executive at the Pensions Regulator, has replied to the letter sent by Councillor Roger Phillips, Chair of the Scheme Sdvisory Board, about the burdens being imposed by the Regulator on individual administering authorities. (see News item : 26th November 2018). A copy of her reply is here:

Letter received from the the Pensions Regulator, pdf, 2 pages, 44kb

18th December 2018

A joint MHCLG Scheme Advisory Board infrastructure event was held on 15th November 2018. This was well attended by pension fund committee chairs; this note provides a summary of the main points of discussion for those committee chairs unable to attend.

26th November 2018

The Chair of the scheme advisory board, Councillor Roger Phillips has sent a letter to Lesley Titcomb, Chief Executive at the Pensions Regulator, pdf, 3 pages 153kb expressing concerns raised at the last board meeting in October about the burdens being imposed by the Regulator on individual administering authorities. A copy of the letter is here: Letter sent to the Pensions Regulator

13th November 2018

It is with extreme shock and sadness that we learned of the sudden death of Cllr Ian Greenwood, who died in hospital in Bradford on Monday evening 12th November. Following re-election to the City of Bradford Council in May this year, Ian was appointed to the Board and elected Chair of the Local Authority Pension Fund Forum.

Ian was a giant in the LGPS, over many years he served the scheme and its members as chair of LAPFF, chair of the Local Government Pensions Committee, lead on pensions at LGA ( including chair of scheme reform group in 2011-12), chair of the Board’s Investment and Engagement Committee and latterly as a member of the full Board and chair of the Northern Pool.

He always focused and the provision of excellent value to scheme members and employers while ensuring that LGPS funds were not only invested wisely but worked hard to advance better corporate governance.

I was honoured to work alongside him and will miss him both as a colleague and a friend. Cllr Roger Phillips Chair of the Board

7th November 2018

The FCA announces the launch of the Cost Transparency Initiative (CTI). Please see FCA Statement - Launch of Cost Transparency Initiative for more details.

18th October 2018

The Board publishes a summary note of the meeting held on 10th October 2018. Please see the Publications section of the website for details.

17th October 2018

The Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government publishes "Local government pension scheme funds for England and Wales: 2017 to 2018" (SF3) statistics. Please see the Local Government Statistics LGPS England and Wales 2017 to 2018 for details.

Highlights include:


27th September 2018

The report under Section 13 of the Public Service Pension Scheme into the 2016 valuation has now been published at

Local Government Pension Scheme S13 review: 2013 to 2016

24th September 2018

LGPS third tier employers - At the meeting of the Scheme Advisory Board on 27th June 2018, Aon presented members with a summary of the final draft report commissioned by the Board to review current issues faced by the LGPS and associated stakeholders in relation to third tier employers participating in LGPS funds in England and Wales. The Board is anxious to point out that the report makes no attempt to make any recommendations. Instead, it outlines a range of issues raised by stakeholders and how they envisage these concerns being resolved.

Tier_3_employers_in_the_LGPS_FINAL.pdf (102 pages, 2.65MB).

The Board agreed that the report should be published and that a small working group of Board members will be established to review the concerns expressed by third tier employers in the report and the ways in which they could be resolved. The working group will be tasked to report back to the Board later in the year with a set of recommendations for further consideration. Once approved, scheme stakeholders will be given the opportunity to comment on the Board’s recommendations before any formal approach is made to MHCLG Ministers for changes to the scheme’s regulations or guidance. A copy of the report can be found here with details of the third tier employers’ project here.

11th September 2018

In a Written Ministerial Statement on the 6th September 2018, the Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Elizabeth Truss, announced details of the quadrennial valuation of the public service pension schemes, including the Local Government Pension Scheme in England and Wales. A transcript of the announcement can be found here.

For the unfunded schemes, initial results show that their members will get improved pension benefits over the period April 2019 to March 2023. Early indications are also that the amount employers pay into the unfunded schemes will need to increase.

In the case of the funded LGPS, the scheme advisory board operates an additional cost cap process. In accordance with agreed policy, this will be allowed to complete before the HM Treasury cost control mechanism is tested. It is not therefore possible at this stage to give any indication of what the outcome might be.

If the Board’s cost control process results in a recommendation that changes to the scheme should be made, and the government accepts the Board’s recommendations, the Treasury’s cost cap process will be adjusted to take the new scheme design into account. The Chief Secretary also announced in the technical annex (copy here) to a letter to Frances O’Grady at the TUC (copy here), that the scheme valuation under Treasury’s cost cap process should be moved from the current triennial to a quadrennial cycle in line with other public service scheme valuations. Please note that this is not to be confused with local fund valuation. However, discussions with MHCLG and actuarial advisers will take place shortly to consider the implications of this change for local fund valuations.

A copy of Treasury’s draft 2018 Direction can be found here.

3rd September 2018

Scheme Advisory Board launches "Code of Transparency compliance system" tender exercise. The tender is to design, build, host and support a system to validate / check for completion the templates received from the relevant fund managers for each of the relevant LGPS funds and or Pools. Delta eSourcing is being used to run this exercise, please visit for more details.

21st August 2018

Scheme Advisory Board opens invitation to bid, "Options for separation of host authority and pension fund". Following a report by KPMG examining the issues and challenges of separating the pension’s functions of LGPS, the next stage is to see how the recommendations that emerged from the report could be made to work. For more information and instructions on how to bid, please see the invitation to bid page.

21st May 2018

New MiFIDII Q &A - A Questions and Answer document has been developed to assist LGPS funds and managers to effectively deal with new relationships post January 2018 when local authorities are default retail clients including conversations at conferences. The document can be found on the MiFIDII home page .

25th April 2018

LGPS third tier employers - At the meeting of the Scheme Advisory Board on 26th February 2018, Aon updated members on progress of their work commissioned by the Board to review current issues faced by the LGPS and associated stakeholders in relation to third tier employers participating in LGPS funds in England and Wales.
Aon outlined their extensive engagement with the main third tier employers’ sectors including higher education, housing associations and charities as well as other key stakeholders, and confirmed that they are now ready to analyse the survey and interview data. The Board was content with the progress made by Aon to date and agreed that they should now proceed to prepare their draft report for consideration at the next Board meeting on the 27th June 2018.
Details of the third tier employers’ project can be found here.

27th March 2018

On the 27th March 2018, the Chairs of LGPS pension committees and local pension boards attended an open session where representatives from the eight asset pools reported on their progress in establishing their organisational structures and governance arrangements. A copy of the presentations used on the day can be found here. Steps will soon be taken to establish the Cross Pool Open Forum approved by the Scheme Advisory Board in February 2018, comprising three representatives from each of the eight pools and three trade union representatives.

27th February 2018

The Scheme Advisory Board agreed at its meeting of 26th February to amend the Code of Transparency (7A.) to include the provision for alternative investment managers signing up on the basis that cost data substantially similar in scope and detail to that covered by existing templates is submitted to LGPS clients. Under this provision, investment managers must adopt and make use of relevant Code templates as they become available. In addition, (11.) has been amended to refer to the outcome of the FCA’s Institutional Disclosure Working Group, IDWG.

9th January 2018

The government has announced that Marcus Jones MP, will be leaving his position as Local Government Minister at DCLG to take up a new role as Local Government Vice Chair at Conservative Campaign HQ. Councillor Phillips, Chair of the Advisory Board said “On behalf of the Board I wish to express our sincere thanks to Marcus for all the help and support he has given to the Board and its members in recent years and for engaging so positively with us. His appearance at Board meetings was a regular occurrence where his honest and straightforward comments were very much appreciated by all Board members. The Board has benefitted greatly from his time at the Department and we wish him all the best in his new role. In the meantime, we will be seeking an early meeting with Marcus’ successor to explain the role of the Board and its work programme.”

Rishi Sunak MP has been appointed as Marcus Jones’ successor with responsibilities for the scheme and its advisory board. Rishi Sunak was appointed Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government on 9th January 2018. Rishi was elected as the MP for Richmond (Yorkshire) in 2015.

Under another part of the government’s changes, DCLG will in future be known as the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG).

27th December 2017

Cllr Kieran Quinn

It was with shock and great sadness that I learned of the death of Cllr Kieran Quinn on the evening of 25th December. My thoughts are with his family and friends at this desperately sad time. Kieran’s energy, drive, enthusiasm and commitment to the pension scheme and its members will be difficult if not impossible to replace and I will personally greatly miss his support, good humour and friendship.

Cllr Roger Phillips
Chair Local Government Pension Scheme Advisory Board

Cllr Quinn

From Steven Pleasant – Chief Executive of Tameside Council and Accountable Officer

It is my sad duty to have to inform you of the death of Councillor Kieran Quinn, the Executive Leader of the Council and the Chair of the Greater Manchester Pension Fund (GMPF).

Kieran died on Monday evening (25 December 2017) following a fall precipitated by a heart attack while out with his wife, Councillor Susan Quinn, delivering Christmas cards to constituents in Droylsden on Saturday (23 December 2017). Our thoughts go out to Susan, and their two boys, who were at Kieran’s side when he died.

In his various roles Kieran made an enormous contribution to the community of Tameside and Greater Manchester. As well as being the Executive Leader of Tameside Council he was the Chair of the Greater Manchester Pension Fund (GMPF) and an architect of devolution for Greater Manchester.

At times of great challenge when clarity of leadership was required Kieran never shied away from the tough decisions. Whether astutely guiding Tameside Council through the most difficult period for local government in living memory, ensuring the GMPF grew into the largest most successful pension fund in the UK against the wider trend of pensions shortfalls or fighting to reduce the north south economic imbalance now widely recognised through the Northern Powerhouse agenda, he always stood up and provided the necessary leadership.

In all his roles Kieran worked tirelessly for everyone in the community, especially those most vulnerable and in greatest need of a helping hand. It is that which will be his legacy.

But beyond the public face and the many offices he held Kieran was at heart a family man, rooted in his local community. And for many of you Kieran will have become a friend as well as a colleague.

I am sure you will all join me in passing on our deepest sympathy to Kieran’s wife, Susan, their two boys and their wider circle of family, friends and colleagues.

The Council will be setting up a book of condolences and any message you would like to leave or make can be made to [email protected] in order to allow the family to come to terms with their shock and loss.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Leader, Councillor John Taylor will lead and address any business matters.


Steven Pleasant MBE
Chief Executive TMBC
Accountable Officer Tameside & Glossop CCG

23rd March 2017

Board Statement on Pool Governace Following the meeting of the Board on 6th March 2017, the following statement was agreed:

"The Board recognises that it is for scheme managers within each pool to develop appropriate governance to assure all stakeholders of the transparent and effective implementation of strategy. In this respect the Board notes the comments made by the Local Government minister Marcus Jones MP on this matter in the Westminster Hall debate on 24th October 2016.
The board recognises that strategic decisions on asset allocations and responsible investment will remain at the local level and therefore the involvement via local pension boards of those employers beyond the scheme manager along with member representatives in those areas would continue.
However the Board also encourages scheme managers to involve those same employers and member representatives in assisting with the assurance of transparent reporting from pools and ensuring the effective implementation of strategies by pools. Such involvement should include the consideration of provision of direct representation on oversight structures.”

14th March 2017

LGPS Academies At the meeting of the Scheme Advisory Board on 6th March 2017, PwC presented the draft report “Options for Academies in the LGPS”. The report was commissioned by the Board to review current issues faced by the LGPS and associated stakeholders in relation to academies participating in LGPS funds in England. The Board is anxious to point out that the draft report makes no attempt to make any recommendations. Instead, it outlines a number of issues raised by stakeholders and how they envisage these concerns being resolved.
Although, in principle, the Board accepted the draft report’s findings, it was agreed that no statement should be made ahead of discussions with DfE and DCLG about PwC’s findings and next steps. The Board is hopeful that such a meeting will be possible later in March to be followed as soon as possible by a formal statement from the Board regarding publication and next steps.

27th October 2016

SF3 Statistical Release 2015/16

The 2015/16 SF3 statistical release was published by DCLG on 26 October. The statistical release can be found on the DCLG web site.
18th October 2016

Implementation of Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II (MiFID II).

The FCA are consulting on their third set of implementation proposals for MiFID II and are seeking views on the proposed changes to the FCA Handbook.
MiFID II takes effect from 3 January 2018 and the proposed changes will have significant implications for LGPS administering authorities.
The full consultation document can be found on the FCA website.
17th August 2016 Election to fill practitioner seat on the LGP Scheme Advisory Board. Please click here to view the voting process. Note that the since the original email, the closing date and time for the submission of votes has been extended until noon on Friday 16th September 2016.
10th August 2016 The Chair, on behalf of the Board, wrote to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government regarding LGPS investment in infrastructure LGPS investment in infrastructure, and the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State Department for Communities and Local Government regarding Investment Reform Criteria and Guidance. The outcome of any discussions will be reported to the next Board meeting.
3rd August 2016 GAD Section 13 dry run report

The Government Actuary's Department (GAD) have completed a “dry run” section 13 analysis based on the 2013 local valuations. This analysis assesses whether the four main aims; compliance, consistency, solvency and long term cost effectiveness; have been achieved:

GAD Section 13 dry run report pdf 51 pages 1.22MB

29th July 2016 New section on the Boards' Code of Transparency for investment fees
25th July 2016 Committee update - Update on committees and list of representatives
17 May 2016 Scheme Annual Report 2015 published
8th April 2016 Message from Cllr Roger Phillips, Chairman of LGPS Advisory Board, for Chairs of Pension Committees

Local Pension Boards - Counsel's opinion on legal status of pension boards.

The Board has been notified that the Secretary of State has appointed Cllr Roger Phillips to the position of Chair. In making this announcement the Board would like to extend their sincere thanks to Joanne Segars for her hard work and dedication in the role of Chair of the Board in both its shadow and interim forms. Joanne's experience and knowledge of both the LGPS and the wider pensions industry coupled with the effective stakeholder engagement she brought to the role have been pivotal in ensuring the successful development of the Board. Cllr Phillips said he was “ delighted and honoured to be appointed however I am very aware of the many and varied challenges faced by the scheme and under no illusions about the hard work and tough decisions necessary to ensure its continued sustainability

Project POOL publishes SUMMARY and FULL REPORT

The shadow Scheme Advisory Board ("the Board") Chair Joanne Segars delivered the keynote address at the LGPC Conference 2014 held in Bournemouth on 19th and 20th June 2014.

In the speech, Ms Segars, who in addition to her position as Chair of the Board is the Chief Executive at the National Association of Pension Funds (NAPF), recognised the scale of the reforms only recently implemented in the LGPS in England & Wales and congratulated the Scheme on its implementation of these reforms.

In addition, Ms Segars set out details of the challenges ahead for the Scheme, not least in implementing new governance arrangements, and said that the Board had a full agenda ahead and needed to continually prove its value to the benefit of the whole Scheme.

The full text of Ms Segars' address can be found here.

At the meeting of the board on 14th October it was agreed that the Norfolk committee report below forms a useful position for funds until such time as further clarification on this matter is available

Norfolk committee report 2012 (PDF, 10 pages, 149kb)
Hymans Robertson paper 2012 (PDF, 2 page2, 370kb)

17 October 2013

On the 14 June 2013 a letter was issued to all heads of pensions of the LGPS in England and Wales – and copied to Chief Executives in letter form and Pension Managers via email – to commence a selection process following the nominations recently made by funds for the practitioner role on the Main Board and the various roles of the five sub-committees.

Read the selection process letter (PDF, 2 pages, 270KB)

It is necessary to run this selection process as the LGA have received more nominations than places available for the Main board and sub-committees. A selection pack is available to download below. It includes:

•selection process and selection form (PDF, 4 pages, 194KB) – contains information on how the selection system works and how each administering authority should cast their preferences. The selection form should be completed and returned to the LGA. It lists the name and administering authority of each of the nominees for the Board and each of the five sub-committees.

•nominations document (PDF, 35 pages, 318KB) – contains the short statement in support of each nominee which was received by the LGA when the nomination was made.

It's important that administering authorities read this document to help make a decision when casting their preference.

On Monday 20 May a letter was issued to all Chairs of Pension Committees of the LGPS in England and Wales – and copied to Chief Executives, Heads of Pensions in letter form and to Pension Managers via email – to commence the nomination process for the following Shadow Board Members: elected members to serve on the Shadow Board fund practitioner to serve on the Shadow Board fund practitioners to serve on sub-committees. Full details on the nomination process can be read in the letter issued 20 May 2013 (PDF, 3 pages, 161KB)).

The closing date for the nomination process is 7 June 2013. The following information is designed to inform those making nominations. Information includes the terms of reference for the Shadow Board the sub-committees and also a role profile/person specification for the fund practitioner roles on the sub-committees.


Any queries regarding the selection process should be directed to: email:[email protected]