Below are details of previous meetings of the Board including Board papers, actions and agreements and agendas.

Rooms 7.1 and 7.2 Rathbone Room LG House

Actions and Agreements (PDF, 3 pages, 94kb)

Draft Agenda (PDF, 1 page, 357kb)

Item 4 - Question for Queen's Counsel on the exercise of scheme manager function in the LGPS (PDF, 2 pages, 215kb)

Layden House Room D & E

Actions and Agreements (PDF, 2 pages, 130kb)

Agenda (PDF, 1 page, 343kb)

LG House Room 7.1 & 7.2

Actions and Agreements (PDF, 4 pages, 84kb)
Agenda (PDF, 1 page, 352kb)
Item 4 Reports of sub-committees (PDF, 6 pages, 393kb)
Item 5 Note of Annual Report Meeting held 1st October (PDF, 2 pages, 204kb)

Actions and agreements (PDF, 4 pages, 86kb)
Agenda (PDF, 1 page, 39kb)
Item 4 Board Terms of reference (PDF, 5 pages, 108kb)
Item 5 Sub Committee Terms of reference (PDF, 15 pages, 108kb)
Items 6-8 Discussion Document (PDF, 5 pages, 318kb)
Item 8 Call for evidence (PDF, 3 pages, 41kb)