Agreed top priority - both items of work listed to be done together no priority set. These include, developing recommendations on a revised ill health retirement process to include a more effective appeals procedure outcome and making recommendations on the format and content of post 2014 Annual Benefit Statements to include standard forecasting methods outcome.


* also sit on the Board

Representation Sub-committee members
Member Representatives (3 seats)

Glyn Jenkins - UNISON

Keir Greenaway - GMB

(to be confirmed) - Unite

Employer Representatives (2 seats)

Cllr Mark Smith - LGA

Emelda Nicholroy

(substitute: Cllr Don Austen (LGA))

Local Authority Treasurers (2 seats) Names to be confirmed
LGPS Fund Practitioners (2 seats)

Ged Dale

Alan South

(substitutes: David Williams and Mark Whitby)

Pensions Officer Techinical Group (3 seats)

Janet Caiazzo

Craig Martin

Kevin Gerard

CIPFA (1 seat) Nigel Keogh
tPR (1 seat) Helen Gibson


Previous meetings

The UNISON Centre the Garden Room

Draft Minutes of 26th October 2015 meeting (PDF, 6 pages, 268kb)

Agenda for 26th October 2015 (PDF, 1 page, 232kb)

Item 2. Minutes of 28th July 2015 (PDF, 7 pages, 333kb)

Item 3. Ill Health and IDRP survey paper (PDF, 9 pages, 179kb)

Item 4. Letter from Joanne Segars to Administering Authorities (PDF, 2 pages, 193kb)

Item 4. Letter from the Pensions Regulator (PDF, 2 pages, 63kb)

Item 4. Supplementary LGA ABS survey (PDF, 2 pages, 145kb)

The UNISON Centre the Garden Room

Minutes of 28th July 2015 (PDF, 7 pages, 333kb)

Agenda for 28th July 2015 (PDF, 1 page, 233kb)

Item 2. Minutes of 4th September 2014 (PDF, 6 pages, 334kb)

Item 3. Ill Health Discussion Paper (PDF, 4 pages, 228kb)

Item 3. Ill health retirement options 4th September 2014 (PDF, 28 pages, 655kb)

Item 3. LGPS Ill Health options costings (PDF, 4 pages, 125kb)

Item 4. IDRP Discussion Paper (PDF, 4 pages, 174kb)

Item 5. Tapered Annual Allowance HMRC note (PDF, 4 pages, 209kb)

Item 5. Tapered Annual Allowance HMT public factsheet (PDF, 1 page, 352kb)

Item 5. Technical note - Aligning pension input periods (PDF, 17 pages, 233kb)

The UNISON Centre Room UG.2

Minutes of 4th September 2014 (PDF, 6 pages, 334kb)

Agenda for 4th September 2014 (PDF, 1 page, 234kb)

Item 2 - Paper A (PDF, 4 pages, 318kb)

Item 3 - Paper B (PDF, 1 page, 188kb)

Item 3 - SSAB Minutes (PDF, 3 pagea, 298kb)

Item 3 - Sub-Committee Chairs Notes (PDF, 3 pages, 181kb)

Item 4a - Paper C (PDF, 27 pages, 658kb)

Item 4b - Paper D (PDF, 5 pages, 147kb)

Item 4b - TPR Draft Code of Practice no. 14 (PDF, 60 pages, 297kb)

Item 4c - Paper E (PDF, 1 page, 55kb)

Item 4c - Communications Working Group document (PDF, 6 pages, 199kb)

Staffordshire County Council Room 1

Agenda (PDF, 1 page, 327kb)

Agenda item 2 - Minutes from Meeting 25th Feb 2014 (PDF, 4 pages, 303kb)

Agenda item 3 - Paper B (PDF, 4 pages, 253kb)

Agenda item 4 - Paper C (PDF, 1 page, 83kb)

Agenda item 4 - Letter from APL (PDF, 4 pages, 59kb)

Agenda item 4 - Reply to APL (PDF, 1 page, 59kb)

Agenda item 5a - Paper D (PDF, 23 pages, 256kb)

Agenda item 5b - Paper E (PDF, 3 pages, 153kb)

Agenda item 5b - Draft ABS guidance (PDF, 6 pages, 1,101kb)

Agenda item 5b - Sample CARE statement (PDF, 28 pages, 1kb)

Agenda item 5b - PQM Guide to Good Comms (PDF, 1 page, 256kb)

Minutes from meeting 8th May 2014 (PDF, 4 pages, 318kb)

Committee Room 3, Tameside MBC, OL6 6DL

Agenda (PDF, 1 page, 298kb)

Agenda item 2 - Actions and Agreements from 6th Nov 2013 (PDF, 7 pages, 422kb)

Agenda item 4 - Sub-committee work programme (PDF, 1 page, 181kb)

Agenda item 4a - Costings of LGPS 2014 (PDF, 1 page, 69kb)

Agenda item 4a - LGPS Ill Health Newsletter (PDF, 6 pages, 224kb)

Agenda item 4b - Annual Benefit Statements Guide (PDF, 10 pages, 234kb)

Minutes from meeting 25th Feb 2014 (PDF, 4 pages, 303kb)

Layden House Room A & B

Actions and Agreements (PDF, 7 pages, 420kb)

Agenda (PDF, 1 page, 347kb)
Item 3 Communications Plan - version 3 (PDF, 14 pages, 321kb)
Item 5a Ill Health Retirement (PDF, 2 pages, 315kb)
Item 5b Annual Benefit Statements (PDF, 1 page, 296kb)
Item 5c Employer Guidance - Determining employee contribution rate" (PDF, 3 pages, 392kb)

Actions (PDF, 5 pages, 307kb)
Agenda (PDF, 1 page, 355kb) Item 5 Terms of reference (PDF, 2 pages, 95kb)
Item 6 Communications plan (PDF, 13 pages, 332kb)
Item 7 Discussion document (PDF, 17 pages, 295kb)